Why eSQ & not DocuSign or ZohoSign

Simply speaking – eSignQuick’s offering is much better. There is Free unlimited  2-Party eSigning (typically for Individuals). Absolutely Free. No need for Registration either.

Then there is a FREE plan for small teams, worth $300 -to- almost $600 value, every year. Check plans and features here, please. Btw, this free Starter plan is with all the advanced features and no limitations for your team -e.g. Templates, Custom fields on the forms, along with multi-parties or multi-signers, and your workflow with Parallel or Sequential signing, integrations and much more (the features that our competitors charge arm & a leg for).

Most importantly – user-experience and ease of use. Savings minutes in setting up the doc, and sending and customizing your documents adds up 100s of saved dollars every week. While our competitors DocuSign(DS), SignNow(SN), ZohoSign (ZS) and a few others have a very complicated User experience and System. And the integration and integration support is very complicated. We know, we have been there ourselves. To be fair, some of them do have very large and proven international support organizations. We have an advantage there.  eSQ’s design, UserExperience, is very simple. Our pre-integrated, add-ons are also get-started-within-minutes design & architecture value. Our aim & claim is “Grandma Simple”.

Plus we offer On-Premise models, No one ELSE does. i.e. We can deploy this within your servers, data centre (and yes AWS or Ms Azure etc.). This can be a very important need for some of your mission critical work-flows and regulation sensitive business operations, e.g large corporations, aggregators, Banks, NBFCs, Telcos, Govts etc.


Compare esignquick with other eSignature alternatives

esignatures alternatives Free plan available
Adobe signNo
Right signatureNo
Signrequest Yes

Only a handful of companies that we reviewed offer a free plan, but all companies offer a free trial and the ability to test their software.

We’ll pass over the trials since they have a limited lifespan and focus instead on the free plans.

As a free plan, DocuSign gives users everything they need to send three documents per month for electronic signature.

Using DocuSign, it’s possible to add signature fields and basic information to your document, send documents to multiple recipients, and use the real-time audit trail features to track document changes.

You can also link to cloud storage in order to import your documents as a PDF. Advanced features like bulk sending and in-person signature collection aren’t available.

Without a doubt, the free plan won’t be a great fit for power users.

It’s a no-frills, no-cost solution that works well for individuals and small business owners who need digital signatures for their documents every few months.


Notice the eSQ Advantages
what makes us different, better for you

Get contracts, agreements signed
In minutes..with total transparency
Go digital / paperless
Within minutes…YES …it’s possible!!!
Save costs
Time & effort spent to follow up & close.
Get accountability
Track in real-time “who” visited & “When”, from where? And signed? Or Read the doc?
eSignatures are legally binding (India & 120+ countries)

  • Complete Audit-trail and legal proof.
  • Tamperproof, traceable, verifiable and secure

Customize your doc templates & approval workflow

  • Reuse your best practices, ensure quality even by “newbies”


Which plan is right for you?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which electronic signature solution is right for you, but we hope this guide helps you determine your best fit.

Across every e-signature company, some functionality is standardized. Mobile apps for Android and iOS, for example, are commonplace across nearly all DocuSign competitors, but every plan varies slightly from the DocuSign service.

While you’re considering your options, we recommend trying out the PandaDoc Free eSign Plan. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to get documents signed at no charge, plus our tools make document management and lifecycle upkeep easy.

Want to give our document editor a try, sign up for a free trial to see PandaDoc in action!

Here eSQ can say ..

  • Without a doubt, our free Plan is useful even for a Power User. Or a Power org.
  • The value delivery in our industry is the number of DOCs being signed. Not the number of eSignatures or signing parties or team members or Templates or API usage from CRM systems or whatever else. We charge per document. And that too cents. Sometimes, we even integrate for FREE with your CRM or other systems, just email to us for a free consult


What are envelope limits and why do they matter?

In a nutshell, an envelope or transaction limit is a tool that many e-signature companies use to cap the number of documents you can send over the course of a year.

For example, regardless of which DocuSign plan you choose, the company caps each account at 100 envelopes per user each year.

These envelope limits even affect enterprise-level plans and content accessed through API tools.

Often, the true limits on usage are hidden behind a company’s “Fair Use” or “Reasonable Use” policies, but many e-signature companies are vague about these limits.

You can raise the limit by purchasing additional seats for the account or by talking with the sales team for customized pricing, but the end result is the same: You’ll end up paying more than you thought in order to send the number of documents you need.

What does this mean for you?

Envelope limits can be a major drawback for companies planning to use DocuSign and others for bulk distribution or as a core part of their main business function.

That’s because the limits severely reduce the number of documents that can be sent using the software.

With that in mind, be sure to read the fine print prior to choosing your e-signature vendor.

Failure to do so could result in major costs to your organization as you’re forced to purchase extra seats or more expensive plans in order to send additional documents.

The vast majority of e-signing companies will limit or cap your usage unless you pay extra to raise those limits.

Usually, if the company doesn’t point this out upfront (as DocuSign does), you can find it buried in the Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions pages on the company website.

To our knowledge, esignquick is one of the only companies on the market today that offers truly unlimited sending. The vast majority of e-signing companies will cap your usage.


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