Check out most frequent asked questions about eSignQuick.

How does the Starter Plan (Free) work?

You Signup. Thats it. No credit card required.
You start using FREE documents, full-featured signing, with your team members. Check plans and features here, please.

How does the Trial work? Is it Free or Charged? And what happens when it ends?

Yeah, Trial is FREE. For 90 days.
Full Featured professional edition.
During this period, you and your team members use all the features & benefits (more documents, document templates, advanced features, unlimited users & groups, More roles, APIs, plug-ins, et al).

At the end of the trial, you plan would be downgraded back to Starter plan (Free) and its limits, with all your data intact. Naturally you can upgrade your subscription anytime. Check plans and features here, please.

Do signers need an account to sign the documents?

No. No.
They just need a browser (Mobile or PC). The Signers / eSigners simply receive a secure link / URL in their mail box (or SMS) – they click the link and securely Fill forms, finish documents or Sign them. And you get to see progress in real-time.

By the way – an account is created for every team member(s) who will collaborate with you on the document creation Or Form Creation Or Tracking. For example – within an organisation, a Sales team-leader might need visibility on tracking of all the “sales contracts” being signed today or current week or last year, being sent out and managed by all the Sales team members. So teams can share templates, or can be organised into groups like HR, Finance, Recruitment, Plumbing-Engineering etc. for visibility and sharing and collaboration needs.

Oh by the way – It’s useful for team members to use our Mobile App’s grandma simple UX, for repetitive signing, say within an organisation and its internal requests and approvals, form-filling, and documents signing and document based approvals. Did we mention, the App is great for Senders and other roles too. (Typically, a first time eSigner, say a new employee signing an employment contract, would most likely use the mobile browser and not download the app first 🙂

What is an eSign request, a document eSignature request?

Typically users need to get a document signed (or a form filled and signed). By another person. This is a Document eSignature request. Sometimes, users need to get a document signed by 2 persons. Or more persons. Again, this is a document-signature request. There are 100s of types of Documents that might need eSigning as a proof of approval or agreement. Examples can be say a Non-Disclosure agreement, a Rental agreement, Assignment contracts, Employment contracts, Sub-contractor agreements, 2-Party Contracts, Multi-party contracts, Tax-Form submissions, or other submissions that you need your customers to fill and eSign on.

The important thing with eSignQuick simplicity in pricing is – ONE doc signature request, is just that and costs exactly that = ONE doc-credit. This is irrespective of number of pages in the docs, or number of parties needed to sign on that doc (single or multi-party), Or number of collaborators, Or the document workflow or life-cycle complexity or usage of advanced features etc. Even so you use it via our APIs integration Or our 3rd party plugins. But please don’t confuse this with Bulk-document-sending. The Bulk-sending or Mass-sending of a document (say generated from a Template or a Form) to 100 eSigners to get 100 individual contracts eSigned, will account for 100 doc-signing requests and cost 100 doc-sign credits. Naturally, a Multi-party NDA being sent to 6 parties (6 eSigners) to be signed will cost 1 doc-credit, of course.

Rejected / cancelled documents do not cost doc-credit (The doc-credit is in fact refunded).

Contact Sales or other Questions?

Volume discounting, pricing questions, invoice questions, Support needs, Enterprise features Or pricing question Or even your custom integration needs, deployment needs, please write to us at sales@esignquick.com

Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade the plan? What about Cancel Or Delete Account ?

Yes. Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade.
Reality is we grow with you, as in, when your business’s needs grow. Starter plan (Free) is for you to experience eSIgnQuick, and use it to take your business digital & paperless.
We believe one day you will upgrade, even though Starter plan is quite loaded compared to our competition. Upgrade anytime & Downgrade back to Starter plan anytime, you want.

Please note some of our plans are Paid-Annually so you must check the validity period of the plan.

You can ask us to Delete your account, and therefore all your information and we shall do so and confirm again when all is completed. We will of course provide you ample opportunity to backup your data & documents. The “Delete-account” is permanent and unrecoverable action.

And how do I upgrade my account, my plan?

The Super Admin user(s) can, from the Account-settings, upgrade at any time. You have to login into eSignQuick.com, and choose Subscription Plan from Accounts page, and follow the instructions.

It’s a few very simple steps, usually involving payment through a credit card. If you would rather have an invoice relationship, please contact sales@esignquick.com

When would I, should I purchase Doc-Credits?

“Doc-Credits” is our Pay-as-you-go offering. One (1) doc-credit allows you to send out One (1) document for eSigning (no matter how many pages, how many eSigners / parties, or Reviewers or Approvers, or Team members or groups that might be required).
Usually doc-credits are purchased in packs of 10, 20, 30 and so on.

An admin user(s) can, purchase extra Doc-Credits anytime.
This typically is needed when your business needs of eSigning has started to outgrow your monthly subscription plan credits.
Sometimes a business has seasonal needs, which peak beyond the average monthly rate – again buying Doc-Credits is a good solution for “Spike-ing” needs.

If you have subscribed to the API-only plan, or integrated with the API add-on in the Enterprise plan for your integrations, these doc-credits will come in handy there too. Needless to say – with large volume comes large discounts !! please write to us at sales@esignquick.com

How do I scroll through the document? Add signature field, text field etc.?

Gestures & Taps, Select-&-Drag on Mobile devices.
And Mouse click (or touchpad taps & gestures) while on a PC browser.
Alright, Alright – you will also need Mouse-click-&-hold Or strech like actions to resize, move etc.

E.g. Use your finger to select-&-drag the Signature box (or Text boxes etc.) on mobile devices. Stretch the bottom-right end of the box to Resize. Tap to delete, tap to increase fonts, on Mobile devices
On PC / Mac browsers – you will use the mouse (Touchpad) to select-&-move, again stretch the corner of the box to resize an element. And so on.

I’m glad this question was asked – but its embarrassing – coz – describing this text or reading this answer seems so much harder and confusing than doing-these-actions. Me and my FAQ writing life 🙁
“@raj – insert your pics, that help page you were building within Sample doc. This is perfect place for it”

How to insert & position my signature, at the exact location?

Tap or Click “+ Add Sign Box” to insert a Signing box / Edit field on the document. (Similar action for inserting a Text-Box).

Fingers or Mouse to select-&-drag. Then move to exact location.
You can Resize by dragging at the bottom-right corner of the Sign-box (or any element). There is an arrow there !